Tibet (9)

Many of you Chinese think Americans are innocent and simple minded. I must say that those of you who think so are in fact ignorant or misinformed. Reading this article titled «China represses rights of Tibetans while exploiting Olympics», you have to admire how easily an American simplifies a matter like Tibet that has confounded all you Chinese for that many hundreds of years. Especially the current Chinese government. How naive! They think they could change lives in Tibet by pouring money in there.

All you Chinese should step down from your high horse of pride, unload the burden of your thousands years of history, and embrace the wisdom of Americans. Learn from the way the natives who used to roam this continent have been dealt with: Kill them off! Or at least keep them in their own corners so that no one hears a peep from them. Keep them impoverished. Trying to improve their living? You dumb Chinese are only creating trouble for yourselves!

Learn to build a democratic society! Learn the sophistication of manipulation. Look at the Chinese government and compare them with the sophisticated American politicians. You Chinese are so primitive that you are the ones should be treated as barbarians. Why use guns when you could manage with some paper printed black on one side and green on the other? Why keep the world out? Trying to hide something? Why? Fear that you can not manage a few journalists? Then shell them to death! Why jail someone when you could simply make a scene and then put him to sleep permanently? Afraid that the world would be outraged? Rest assured! The world does not have the attention span to stay outraged. Besides, how hard could it be to say "sorry, mistake"?

See, all you Chinese? See how simple everything could have been?

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