Why do I call the "TEA Party" cancer?

The other day in one thread of discussion on Google+, I responded to a comment with this: The Tea Party is not what is causing cancer. It is cancer!

Here is why: A cancer cell starts from a regular, normal cell. Somehow along the way, a cell grows out of control and becomes cancerous. Once enough of them become that way, the cells absorbs as much nutrition as possible from its surroundings, display uncontrolled growth, invasion that intrudes upon and destroys adjacent tissues, and often metastasizes, wherein the tumor cells spread to other locations in the body ... and eventually kills the body that they are part of.

That is exactly what the tea party is: They do not care how the whole body is, what the body needs to function, or even they themselves need the body to live on. All they care about is themselves. Nobody is taking anything from them. Everything theirs belongs to them. Everything yours they will grab if they can. If you die as a result, too bad. You only have yourselves to blame: It is all because you are not as smart as they are.

Now here is a real example of that: Screw The Rich (Here’s How): "As for me, I think the government should be starved of income and be forced to spend money where it’s supposed to – defending the border, establishing a trusted currency, and protecting property rights." -- See what I am saying? Government should not be able to do anything but defend them for their property rights. You are homeless? Too bad. The government should not do anything for you.

It seems that, in tea party logic, the government is not evil only when the government can be put into their pockets.