Pigs with Lipsticks

The Republicans leave me with no other words for them.

Putting Lipstick on a Pig

You put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig.

John McCain calls that saying sexist? That's really pathetic.


Sarah Palin

This woman is a bulldog.

Watch out, Democrats!

Rudy Giuliani

"True American here". I guess Rudy counts himself as one of those?

"The American people", not the "Hollywood celebrities". So I guess Hollywood is not inside America.

"America comes first"! And then American media criticizes the nationalism of the Chinese.

I am waiting for Rudy to say that John McCain will get rid of taxes once and for all. No one will have to pay tax anymore and everyone will live happily ever after.

"Shake up Washington" -- Yeah, right.

"A beacon for the world" -- maybe back in the days when the twin towers were still standing.

Hearing Mike Huckabee

There are decent people among the Republicans. When Mike Huckabee talks about the evil of big brother government taking away our liberty, I trust that he is sincere. That is exactly what all the Americans need to do: Kick out the government that is taking away our liberty.

But are all the poor people "waiting for the government to rescue" them? It makes me think of the white-haired gentleman holding a sign at the south-bound exit 41 on US-23 these days. The sign says:Exit 41

Vietnam veteran

John McCain is a respectable person. But that doesn't automatically make him a president. If he kicks GWB's behind in public, I may consider give him my vote.

Is Romney Mocking McCain?

He says America needs to get ready to look to the west for the Sun.

Do all Republicans follow that logic? Somehow it looks that way.

Meg Whitman Speeks ...

"The government should not spend more than it takes in".

How true!

That tells the urgency to push the current government out and keep it out.

The "John McCain Story"

The Republicans talk so profoundly about the John McCain story. They don't seem to have any memory that they are the same people who dumped shit on their dear John McCain in 2000.


"Federal government involved in raids on protesters"


CNN today also showed a little bit of footage of people getting tear-gassed in St. Paul.


The "angry left"?

How stupid is Georgie? He think he is still "the man"?

I am reducing my contribution to 1/2 cent per day to the big plan now. He is not worth my money.


Wolf Blitzer of CNN just said on TV that John McCain's campaign complained about the questions that Campbell Brown asked the McCain representative the other day.

That is hilarious. No. That is SAD!

Do you believe Joe Lieberman?

I don't.


It's Fun to Watch the Republicans Dance

CNN is not really well-known for playing political hardballs. Therefore it is particularly humorous to watch those republicans doing their dances around simple questions from those CNN anchors. It seems somehow anyone question the qualifications of Sarah Palin is trying to belittle women as a whole, according to the Republicans. Like when Campbell Brown asked the McCain representative to give one example of Sarah Palin's executive decision, the guy did such a tap dance that the whole conversation sounds really like a good joke. After Campbell Brown repeatedly asked the same simple question, the guy tried to pin it on the CNN anchor woman that somehow she was trying to knock the Alaska governor down.

I guess even the Republicans are not ready to take her seriously as the Vice President of the United States.