The Pope and Hypocrisy

John Paul wanted world leaders to show compassion for suffering people like these girls, not for dead popes. Mr. Bush and other world leaders flocking to Rome could truly honor the pope by meeting there to establish a protection force in Darfur.
-- By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF of New York Times.


长城:A set of pictures

Posted a set of picture taken at Badaling(八达岭)last June. Number 6 and 7 are oilified using GIMP -- an open source image processing software.

长城:The Greatwall (1)长城:The Greatwall (2)长城:The Greatwall (3)长城:The Greatwall (4)

长城:The Greatwall (5)长城:The Greatwall (6)长城:The Greatwall (7)
The sky was full of smog that day. And I was told that Beijing is often like that these days.

I should add, most of the walls in these pictures have been renovated. Photo number 5 shows a spot where the wall ruins are almost invisible. Badaling is likely the most visited section of the great wall by tourists because it is the most accessible. I believe there is still a regular tourist train running between the city and Badaling several times a day. There are other sections of the wall -- all north to Beijing -- open to tourists for many years but much less visited. My favorate was Jinshanling (
金山岭). I also hope to make a stop at Juyongguan(居庸关)someday, which is on the way to Badaling.



沉默: Silence
This picture is taken in a neighboring subdivision. The houses have been there less than 10 years and the tree is dead -- I don't know how long the tree has been there, or if its death has anything to do with the houses and streets around it. But it is something that has happened in the interaction of man and nature.

Quimby's Quill

I hit the NEXT BLOCG button and got to Quimby's Quill and an interesting post about Chris Hedges and his book War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. It's interesting because I have read the same book and have had much thought about it -- but could not articulate those thoughts either.


Flicker is an interesting photo sharing site. I have opened a free account there a while ago. Yesterday I have read about the it in a Business 2 article Why It's Pouring VC Cash. It has been in the rumor that Yahoo! has bought Flickr.

Since I only have a free account, I will start to blog my own photos here.

Google AdSense code installed

Just have Google's AdSense code installed in the sidebar of this blog -- I am not expecting anything. But if any click-through happens, it should be good for the Annhua Rainbow Project which I volunteer for.