Shootings at Virginia Tech

The tragedy is all over the news media the whole day. I first heard it on NPR while driving to a work site. 32 were killed. It is labeled the deadliest campus shooting in the US history.

Beyond the tragedy in front of us, I wonder if any surviving family of the victims are opponents to gun control, and if any of them has any change of mind after this tragic day.

I am no fan of government controlling people's lives. But as deadly as they are, guns should not fall into wrong hands. Gun control does not mean people can not own guns either. So many people are so ready to give up liberty when the government comes to them in the name of war against terrorism, yet the same people are not willing to give up the convenience of easy gun ownership. I guess it is a matter of my life against other people's lives: I could care less whether others lose their lives as long as I can live my life my way.

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