The Killer

Cho Seung-Hui is the killer at VT. Media outlets call him twisted, crazy, madman, etc. That's may not be wrong, but I think they may be missing the point. Bill O'Reilly on Fox News whined about the US being criticized by the rest of the world as a gun paradise and for its gun culture. I think those criticisms need to be taken seriously. Live By The Gun, Die By The Gun is not just a saying. It is what happens.

(By the way, Fox News is the worst media shop I've ever watched, on par with the CCTV channels of the past and Bill O'Reilly is THE spinner of spinners. Unfortunately, CNN is not available in the Dish Network package I have.)

Many of the smart people on TV have been suggesting that the government should have warned the public about the person's mental conditions. Some even imply that he should have been locked up or something. I can't help wondering what kind of smart ideas these people may come up with. People don't think gun ownership should be restricted in any way, and these gurus think people should be casted out if they don't talk to anybody, don't respond to greetings and have been complained by a few others?

Yesterday, there were talks on Fox News about the killer being a Chinese who obtained his visa in Shanghai in October last year. The culprit who started the rumor is said to be Michael Sneed, a Chicago Sun-Times columnist. Fox News doesn't seem to mind at all to spread unchecked news. I guess their concept of news is anything new.

To put things in perspective, 80 some people died in one bombing in a Baghdad market today. Not many media seem to notice that. On the other hand, to his credit, Bill O'Reilly did say in his program that 100 some Iraqi policemen were executed today by the insurgents. But the way he reported that disgusted me. This is the fifth year of US occupying Iraq, he is still trying to make people believe that it is shocking that the insurgents are so cruel. Americas may be naive in 2003 at the beginning of the invasion. US forces may not expect the cruelty of this war back then. After 4 years of occupation, this kind of episodes only mean that the US forces have lost control of Iraq.

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