Even God Has Problems

The subject line is purely rhetorical, it does not mean that I believe god exists.

I said that to my youngest child the other day. She is a sensitive kid, with a very inquisitive mind of her own. She asked mom yesterday what god has problems actually meant. So I thought I would explain myself, to her, in this way.

If there were an almighty god, then he or she had definitely got problems. If not, my guess is that we would already have world peace. On the subject of god, I recommend the movie Dogma (Warning: the movie is R rated.)

What triggered that statement was an incident she had at school. I got a call from the school asking me to pick her up because she had been crying for some time and the teacher didn't think she was able to go back to class. She was in a small group of students when one of them started insulting everyone in the group, saying that everyone had problems, not her.

So I said, "Why is that insulting? Everyone has problems, even god has problems. Anyone saying she doesn't is just delusional or ignorant."

I trust that she does understand what I said. My guess what frustrated her to crying was a sense of injustice when the other girl could insult others and get away with it, but she could not do anything about the situation. So I did a little bit of role playing with her: I asked her to say to me, as if I were the other person, "I don't like what you are saying. Stop it!" That may be all it takes to release her frustration in this particular kind of situation.

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