HBO showed the movie «Recount» earlier.

It is a somber reminder that every one's vote does matter -- may be not down at the individual level, but collectively, yes, definitely.

That fateful 2000 election gave the country W and eight years of misery. To think about it otherwise, that the US would not have invaded Iraq, the US economy might not be in such deep trouble, people of the world might not have to endure so many -- seemingly endless panic attacks, one has to imagine, the world could have been a much different, even much better place than it is today.

But in that fateful month, the Americans collectively decided that the country's path down towards hell for the next eight years. There were enough blames to spread around. If Clinton were not stupid enough to let loose his zipper, the election result could have been different. If there were a little less ignorance in the country, the election result could have been different.

But history is what it is. We are all just humans, even the judges in the Supereme Court.

In a little more than two weeks, the country will have another chance to choose its path forward. And this time for the first time, I will be able to vote.

I wish that the country will choose wiser. We must all learn something from the last eight years of sufferings.

John McCain said in the last debate last Wedensday that he was not "President Bush". Fine. But he is still a Republican. He may be able to be a "maverick" sometimes, but he is still a Republican in the end. A commentary in the News wrote the other day, Republicans seemed to be anti-intellectual. I think they are more than that. They are anti-thinking. For that reason alone, I will not vote for a Republican.

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